Lil’ Keke – Slfmade II [New Music]


01. Legend Talk feat. DJ X.O.
02. No Love feat. Chucky Trill
03. I’m from Texas feat. Slim Thug
04. Four Season feat. Bun B
05. I’m Tired
06. My Duffle feat. DJ Chose
07. Chosen feat. Bam Rogers
08. Ride Out feat. DJ X.O.
09. Away from Here feat. Ronnetta Spencer
10. Say Mane feat. Big K.R.I.T.
11. Slab on Butter feat. Propain, Big Pokey & Jack Freeman
12. Came from Nothing feat. Cal Wayne
13. Real and Fake feat. O.G. Ant & C Woodz
14. Fiening
15. Still Ballin feat. Mike D & Z-Ro
16. Slfmade feat. Mo City Soulja
17. Stay Together feat. Skeet Taste
18. I’m the Real
Lil’ Keke & DJ Chose “My Duffle” from SLFMADE II dropping July, 13 2018 (713)

Artists: Lil Keke
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