Kevin Gates – Luca Brasi 2 [New Music]

kevin gates

Luca Brasi 2 is the twelfth commercial mixtape by American rapper Kevin Gates. It was released on December 14, 2014, through his own independent record label Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records.

1. Luca Brasi Intro
2. I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT)(Feat. August Alsina)
3. John Gotti
4. Perfect Imperfection
5. Plug Daughter
6. Out the Mud
7. Thugged Out (Feat. Boobie Black)
8. Sit Down
9. Complaining (Feat. Rico Love)
10. Talk on Phones
11. Wassup With It
12. Don’t Panic
13. Break the Bitch Down (Feat. K Camp)
14. In My Feelings
15. Pourin the Syrup
16. Wild Ride
17. Word Around Town (Feat. Rich Homie Quan)
18. Making Love

The Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates is good at many things-switching quickly between rapping and singing, writing powerful choruses, narrative storytelling-but above all, he is excellent at being himself.

His “Yeah I eat booty!” rallying cry on morning radio, right after being named an XXL Freshman, might have shifted the sexual politics of hardcore rap entirely by itself.

It’s another dispatch from a well-known figure to his congregation, an update on a tumultuous life lived somewhere near the peak of the American rap underground.

Local-stardom details, like the discomfort he observes at his presence at the local barbershop, dot his lyrics, and give a feel for Gates as a big fish in a small pond, warily charting his home territory.

Gates tends to stick to his rain-streaked, moody trap-rap sound from album to album, but he nonetheless always feels unpredictable on record.

On the pitch-black, Bobby Johnson-produced “Sit Down”, he raps in what sounds like four different voices at once.

Kevin Gates is a savvy rap songwriter and a gut-wrenching rapper, but his greatest achievement is more intangible: He feels like a person living inside his own records.

Artists: Kevin Gates
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