About Us

Mario Millions Streetwear is based out of Minneapolis, MN. For us it wasn’t about having a new streetwear brand. It was about doing something that encompasses quality product, creative writing and amazing content. This vision is something that is a part of our DNA. Hopefully you see it in our website and products.

Here’s the break down of the products on our website:

  • Marketplace – We find exclusive brands without an online presence and add them to our marketplace. We focus on those brands that have a good mix of cut and sew and focus on quality.
  • Mario Millions “everyday wear” – These products are clean good looking shirts, hoodies, hats or whatever that we will try to restock when we sell out. These are the same high quality as our drops and can only be found on our website.
  • Mario Millions “drops” – Our drops are what we save our best designs for. Each product will clearly call out what “season” it’s tied to so you know its a limited time release. To start we will do 1 -2 runs but after that once the product is gone we have no plans to re-release it (outside of new features and additional colors).

In addition to quality product in between drops we have writers providing daily content in the form of News, Madden Tips and finding the hottest Independent Music Videos.